Powering realtime fitness guidance and coaching with your phone camera and AI

Android and iOS are in a race to make their platforms more amenable to AI developers. At the same time, phone manufacturers are manufacturing increasingly more powerful and battery efficient GPU chips. This, in conjunction with the early success of guided fitness products like Peloton, means that the health and fitness industry is likely to see a massive shift in the next 24 months.

Instead of getting generic recommendations about how to start eating healthier and exercising, imagine a platform that asks you to take a selfie before giving you any recommendations. After you take the selfie, it automatically determines your gender, age, ethnicity, and body type. After this, it could customize a fitness and nutrition program for you – whether you’re a chubby, middle-aged North Indian man, or a young, mostly-in-shape, Singaporean Chinese woman.

And when it does get you started on exercise regime – it can also guide you in real time, correcting your form when you do an exercise wrong and asking you to slow down if you start a run faster than what would be prudent. Take a look at this short demo below (with your sound on) for an example.

With a fitness guide that is truly customized for you, the fitness-content industry will radically change. The industry will move further away from Jane Fonda and Baba Ramdev like video guides, and far more towards a customized Peloton-like experience.

I am currently experiencing with prototypes (like the planks example above) to test out this vision. If you have ideas around this or are interested in exploring it further, do drop me a note on Twitter or at rishabh@loki.ai!